Monday, July 6, 2015

Neutralizing False Prophets

You know it's true. They are everywhere.

Just turn on the TV late at night or anytime on Sunday Morning. Some are screaming from the pulpit. Others are screaming as they jump, hop, or dance across stage. Others seriously stare into the camera as they scare the living feces out of the elderly watching them. They scare them so bad that they send them huge sums of money that surpass even their own food budget. It's better to eat cat food and be right with God, right?

Some are Pentecostal. Others are non-denominational. Others yet are Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Methodist, Sacred Name or Sabbath/SDA/ Church of God. It doesn't really matter the denomination (or cult depending on your opinion), any man or woman who utters a prophecy even one time that does not come to pass is a FALSE PROPHET.  Torah (the first five books of the canonized Bible) clearly say what the fate of these lying con artists should be but contemporary laws don't allow lying wonders to be stoned to death.

However, they can be unplugged.

The great evil about these souls is that most of them know they are bags of excrement walking around. They know behind every lie they speak, every fear they generate, and every tithe and offering dollar given to them, that they are lying, self centered souls who belong in prison, not behind a camera. I wonder what they pray about if they even pray, "Oh Lord, please inspire my next fear mongering so I can get a few extra million to buy myself a third mansion"?

Sad creatures indeed.

Are you a sucker? Do you personally believe your pet minister is one of the soon to be revealed end time final witnesses of the Living God? You might want to hang on to your bank about and house title a bit longer.

Now don't get me wrong. The Holy Bible comprised of Genesis to Revelation is indeed the instruction book hand inspired by the one and only CREATOR God of all time and space. However, ever penis possessing egomaniac is not ordained by this almighty being to utter his revelation. True prophets such as in times of old will say the following and it shall come to pass exactly as he or she says:
  • the exact event that is to happen..
  • when this exact event is to happen.
  • where this exact event is to happen.
  • why this event is to happen.
  • an explanation as to what they can do to stop it from happening (hint: repent of sins).
Every time you hear a TV prophet or even one in your local church begging and screaming for money: do yourself a favor and either turn off the TV or get up and walk out of that service and never return.

If people would simple READ their Bibles, they would realize that begging for money and doing the work of God are really not one and the same.

Do prophets need million dollar mansions and $4,000 dollar designer suits? We read in Revelation that the end time two witnesses will be wearing sackcloth.  Sackcloth is like a feed sack that corn or coffee beans come from. It is now a popular fabric for art projects and sewing projects and is available at most fabric stores across the USA. And it is a very ugly brown color.

I conclude a true prophet of scripture will utter 100 percent accurate prophecies exactly as paralleled in the dozens of examples found in scripture. Secondly, they will not seek or accept money and live high on the spiritual hog. Next, they will teach only what scripture says to preach: a warning of judgment unless repentance from sin is demonstrated. Their prophecies will not be minuscule and ridiculous and they will not be performing circus acts to draw in the multitudes but humble servants of God who are there by divine decree to bring a sinful people back to their creator.