Thursday, July 2, 2015

Looking upward....

A recent astronomical event this week which occurred on June 30th is claimed by leading scientists to not have occurred for over 2000 years. Immediately leading religious figures started saying that this astrological event involving Venus and Jupiter happened some two years before the wise men came to visit the baby Christ. So, of  course the assumption is that this recent event marks the return of Christ (aka the second coming) in two years. I'm purposely leaving out all the details of this phenomena because that is not my focal point.

Why are men always trying to set dates for the return of Christ? It appears that so many people are just obsessed to the core of their being to predict the return date. If you are believer of the Holy Bible, you know that the focus should be on our lives and hearts not on setting dates. Even if we knew the exact date of return of Jesus Christ, what merit it would it give us? Would it make people behave better? Would it reduce crime? Would it somehow change the hearts of men? A daily question I ask is WHY DO SO MANY MEN SPEND THEIR ENTIRE MINISTRIES' FORTUNE AND TIME IN TRYING TO PREDICT SOMETHING THAT WILL NEVER BE REVEALED TO THEM?

Predictions and more predictions yet these same men seem incapable of preaching righteousness and repentance to their congregations. One of my friends is so obsessed with dates and numbers that he literally drives himself to sleeplessness trying to calculate astrological data such as the exact location of all of the constellations at various intervals throughout human history in a ludicrous attempt to find the perfect pattern to predict future events. I just say, "Really???"

For the atheist or nonbeliever, this must appear as sheer madness and insanity. To the believer, these kinds of things can be attention diversions from the truly important issues at hand.

I think it might be a far better idea to spend time teaching church members how to get jobs and work for their livelihoods and to become responsible grownups; And how to live righteous lives and build  faith and a relationship with the LIVING creator. I highly recommend looking upward to admire the handiwork of the Almighty Creator God, but to look upward in faith, not to predict.

What some fail to recognize is that it is the job of a PROPHET to predict. There are so many WANT TO BE prophets in the land. But sadly, they don't have this gift.

Looking upward... not downward at silly pretend prophets counting stars and planets.